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The Wheels Group is the parent organisation that owns some very successful Private Hire companies in Leeds.


The Wheels Group owns Wheels Private Hire which is the biggest out of the two Private Hire companies the Group owns and has a strong fleet of around 350 Cars. 

The Group also owns South Leeds Private Hire (South Leeds & Hunslet Cars), this company is one of the strongest for the South Leeds area and has a very successful client base. South Leeds was acquired by The Group back in late 2016. Before South Leeds was acquired by The Group they themselves acquired some well known private hire companies. South Leeds Private Hire joined forces with Hunslet Cars and became South Leeds & Hunslet Cars after this successful partnership they went on to acquire Rothwell Line to grow there fleet to an even bigger size.


The Wheels Group are well educated within the Private Hire sector and are successful in many areas of the industry. The Group have a very successful client base with their account work and are the only Private Hire Company to have festival contracts within the Leeds area. The Group have provide transport for some well establish festivals some of these include: MiNT Festival, Let’s Rock 80’s Festival and many more.




If you need a car to rent, we’ve got you covered. Contact our Transport department today. 

*Please note you can only rent our cars if you are working as a driver for one of our company*

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